Feeling You Kick

Baby Bear,

You are making your presence known in so many ways these days. Between my ever expanding belly and your constant kicks there is no doubt that you’re growing! Daddy even felt you kick the other night when you were practicing your nightly dance routine on my bladder.

It never ceases to amaze me, the feeling of you moving inside my belly. You wiggle and sworn and kick and jab, just like your brother, although so differently. It’s amazing to me how different it all is this time, yet so much the same.

I still have similar cravings : peaches, pickles, milk, orange juice.

But there are new ones too: peanut butter, chocolate, cream cheese. Mmmmm, cream cheese.

(Insert cream cheese break here.)

I cannot wait to see you and hold you in March of this next year. So much is going by so fast this time, that I’m taking every little moment I have to soak all of you in.

See you soon little one,

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