Sam | 3 Months Old


You are growing up so fast! This past month was a whirlwind and you’ve added some much more to your repitore. You can now roll over (well, you did it once but no one was looking) and you smile constantly. You also love the sound of your voice and have become quite the screecher. You and your brother often feed off of eachother’s screeches and it makes for some interesting afternoons around here.

Speaking of your brother, you absolutely adore him. You smile at him all the time and giggle when he comes near you. It’s the sweetest thing. He’s finally warming up to you more and is always very concerned as to where you are and making sure you’re not crying.

This month you had your first trip to the beach and your first swim, although not at the same time. Our beach trip was for the “walk to the beach” at church. Some church friends hiked 8 miles to the beach, but we didn’t. We arrived at the beach early to hang out and help make hotdogs as everyone arrived. It was a chilly day but you had plenty of people to hold you.

You swam for the first time this month at a friends house after church. It was really warm out but the pool was pretty cold and you did not like it. You cried at first, but then held onto me and within minutes of floating in the water you were asleep. It was heaven for me just to wade and hold you close. I so cherish those precious moments.

On Saturday, Dad and I were cleaning the house and needed to vacuum our room but you were about to go down so he suggested I lay you in your crib. I wasn’t quite ready for that step and I kind of wanted a little pomp and circumstance to mark this occasion, but convenience won over and I caved. I laid you down for your nap in your room. In your crib. And I walked out. You looked so much smaller in there than your bassinet.

So, the next day I moved you back into the bassinet. I decided you don’t need to grow up that much quite yet.

Sam, you are actual sunshine on my cloudy days. I can never be sad or mad when I hold you. You continue to be the easiest baby ever and oh, so sweet.

I can’t wait to see how you grow in this coming month and watch your personality develop even more.

I love you,


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