Send Help!

It happened. I’ve reached the point in my pregnancy where I get up, shower, do my hair, get dressed (no make up), and am so exhausted that I have to lay down. My back hurts so bad and I feel a migraine creeping on…

Send a chef.
Send a maid.
Send a nanny (for me, not the toddler).
Send help!

Only 6 more weeks left.

1 thought on “Send Help!”

  1. Your post always makes me laugh. I know you are miserable (March 10th) and I am praying you don’t go till March 26 (except I know Jonathan will be disappointed) You are so big, bigger than you were with Teddy (or maybe its how you are carrying this baby). If you need us please call or text and tell us. We will be out of school for 2 weeks (so no Good News Clubs) from March 16th – 27th We are suppose to go to Palm Springs March 16-23 and Grandpa is getting with his Nebraska H.S. friends (a reunion) but if you need us let us know. You are amazing and even though you are miserable you still amaze me. We are praying for you and ask God to carry you through these days. Love & prayers, G & G

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