Sam | 10 Months


You have 8 teeth now! You sure do love to use those chompers and using them to eat everything in sight. It’s time to break out the vacuum each day to avoid, what your Auntie Amy calls, “The floor of death”. You’re a constant ray of sunshine except when you DO NOT want to do something, like go to sleep. You prefer things to be on your terms and you like to exercise your independence. I don’t know if it’s the fact that you have an older sibling but you seem to think you are capable of more than you actually are. You’re already riding around on whatever you can, pushing around whatever you can, jumping on things, eating everything we’re eating — no more baby food for you mister.

You play independently very well. It’s a treat for you and I when big brother is sleeping because we can play together for a while and then you’re totally fine with exploring on your own. I think you prefer it actually. I think you can actually can sense me hovering and you do not like it.

You got sick this month and decided that you were done breastfeeding — a bittersweet day for this mama. It was in the plan to hopefully have you primarily bottle fed by January but then you went ahead and decided that you were just going to just be done with that and go straight to formula. I think it had mostly to do with your bout with the flu right after Christmas. You threw up so much that I think you were just over the whole breastmilk thing. I didn’t realize how much it would make me sad that you were done. Again, you’re showing me who’s boss, that’s for sure.

*          *          *

To be perfectly honest, Sam. This past month was pretty slow for you, anyway. Everyone and their mother caught this horrid flu that’s going around (everyone except me that is), so we didn’t really explore or adventure much. You did have your 9 month check up — yes I’m that behind. Were you did great. You are 19lbs now, have an 18 inch head circumference and you are 28 inches long! I’m pretty sure we’re reaching the point where we need to get you a bigger carseat.

This month you’ve really taken to your brother. You’re noticing him a lot more and wanting to play with him. You copy some of the sounds he makes like a car, a lightsaber, and a ninja (“Hiya”).

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.04.15 PM

This month, I turned 30! We celebrated with a day at Disneyland, then dinner with the grandparents in downtown. Grandma and Grandpa took you for a few days with Mom & Dad got to spend two nights in a hotel! We stayed up late, slept in, saw three movies, and ate whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. And, it was hot! Your Dad also threw me a wonderful birthday dinner with friends after an afternoon of pampering with some girlfriends.


Mom and Dad also got to sneak away for the day to Disneyland (again) for Dad’s company’s “RICO DEElight”. This year we did a scavenger hunt around Disneyland and ended the night at Napa Rose. Nana and Papa watched you boys for us and we were told you both we’re great.

On the day you turned 10 months old, we went to… you guessed it. Disneyland! It was my first attempt at doing the whole thing. Driving there, getting you all out, in the stroller, folding the stroller, getting on the tram with two kids, a diaper bag, and a huge stroller with no help. It was stressful. But once we got into the park, it was pretty much a breeze. Friends of ours met up with us there and showed us all the “single mom” ropes. We stayed all day and for the parade too! Both you and Teddy were enamored. I loved it. We went on Winnie the Pooh 3 times, because we could. And you took your first ride on the teacups. You take after me in that you did not like the teacups. I could tell you got a bit queasy, just like your mama.

You LOVE giving kisses and it’s clear to me that you are understanding more of what we are saying. You know the word, “No” and you shake your head every time I say it. You’ll give a kiss if I say, “Can I have a kiss?” But not if I say, “kisses?” You’re a snuggle bug who’s smiley to the max when you’ve slept well. You HATE to be woken up (why oh why would I ever do this?). It’s happened once or twice and you’ve let me know your dissatisfaction.

We’ve also made some great friends on our street and all our kiddos get along! It’s been wonderful having a fellow mother-in-arms who will drop off Starbucks or watch the kids on a whim while I run an errand. Play dates abound with these kids!

Dude, you’re pretty much the funniest baby I know. You get humor. You laugh when someone produces a bodily function and I find that down right awesome. You’re a constant ray of sunshine and everyone knows it. We love you, Sambito.