Sam | 6 Months


Half a year! You are growing up so quickly in ways and so sweetly slow in others. I cherish how you still look like a little baby when I hold you, yet I am so surprised when I see you trying to army crawl towards a toy.

We’ve introduced you to solid foods this past week; mostly cream of wheat. It’s been two nights that you haven’t nursed to bed. You eat your dinner and fall asleep at 8. No more quick 6:30 pm cat nap after your long afternoon nap. You’re awake for most of the day and then conk out at night. It’s awesome!

Your schedule looks something like this:

5:45/6:00 wake up (sometimes for the day, usually to eat and fall back asleep)

7:45/8:00 really wake up

8:00-9:00 play time!

9:00-9:20 nurse and cat nap

9:20 -10:40 play time

10:40-11:00 nurse and cat nap

11:00-1:30 play time and lunch (most nursing still)

1:30-4:00 long nap!! (sometimes you wake up at 3:00)

4:00 nurse

4:20-6:00 playtime

6:00 dinner of cream of wheat, soon to add vegetables

6:30-7:30 rest and calm play

7:30 bedtime, bath, jammies

8:00 bedtime!

Your routine is very flexible and varies quite a bit, but I sure am surprised that you only take two cat naps during the morning time. I’ve found that if I try and lay you down for a long morning nap, and you do it, you DO NOT take an afternoon nap; at all! Needless to say, I’m beat by the end of the day. Between your limited napping and your crazy, energetic brother, I am worn out! 

So far, you LOVE food. You want to eat any and everything — all the time. It’s the funniest and craziest thing. When you’re hungry and start eating, there is no stopping you. In fact, if I don’t feed you food in a steady stream you get “hangry” (hungry and angry). You start grunting and yelling. Just like your Dad was when he was little. Your Nana had to feed him with two spoons.

This month we took a road trip to SLO to visit Andi and see her new place. You were sort of difficult on the drive. I think you’re started to notice that in your carseat you’re strapped down. You totally play me — all the time. You cry when I put you in the carseat, or when I set you down on your playmat, or in your high chair or in your walker… pretty much any time I put you down. But, only me. You don’t cry for anyone else. It makes the days long sometimes! You want me to hold you all the time. It’s sweet. You force me to slow down sometimes. I’m not going to lie, sometimes is really hard. It’s hard to know how to navigate when both of you boy want me to hold you or play with you. I’m really looking forward to when the two of you play together. Although, I’m sure I’ll be so sad when you don’t want me to play with you guys anymore. Who wants their weird, old mom playing with them?!

I love you so much, Bub. More than you’ll ever truly know.

Love, Mom

Sam | 4 Months Old


I’m sorry you’ve fallen prey to the “second sibling syndrome”. I am seriously lagging on your monthly posts these days. But, that is in no way a reflection of how much love I have for you or how amazing you are! Believe me, kid. You’re a champ.

This month you had a HUGE adventure. You went with Mama to VBS. The last three days of that week you joined me on this crazy adventure. I strapped you on and you went with me everywhere. Running around, registering kids, doing dance moves, making announcements, set up and tear down. I wore you all day and you were a champ.

You’re definitely mama’s right hand (or right hip) man these days. You always want me to be wearing you or holding you. You love to sleep in our bed, even for your naps. In fact, you prefer it at all times. I put you down for your naps in your bassinet and all you do is squirm around in there, but if I put you on our bed you’re out like a light in seconds.

Some firsts you experienced this month:

  1. Rolling Over
  2. Pedicures with Nana
  3. Movie Night with Mama
  4. Fourth of July
  5. Big Belly Laugh

I’m not sure how big you are, or what percentile you’re in, but you have chunked up quite a bit! That may have contributed to you having to work on rolling over for so long. You have quite the head! You could roll over every part of your body, but getting your head over was the biggest challenge for you. NOW, you are a rolling machine! And you can hold your head up for the LONGEST time. You LOVE tummy time and playing on your mat.

You are seriously the smiliest. You hardly ever cry. If you do it’s because you’re hungry and that’s it. You don’t even cry when you’re wet or dirty, unless I somehow totally missed it. You smile right when you get up and you’re never mad at me for waking you up. You’re always up for anything — seriously. You’re carted around everywhere and taken from place to place, carseat to stroller to carrier and back.

You’re quite the “talker” now too. You love to screech and laugh and you LOVE hearing your own voice. You’re a loud one, that’s for sure. Many times I’ve gone in to check on you during your nap and you’re just talking away to yourself in your crib. It’s adorable and I love it.

You have no qualms with taking a bottle and you can even hold it yourself now. It makes it much easier for Mom to get a night out every once in a while, so THANK YOU! You even let your brother give you a bottle, when he feels like it. Speaking of your brother, you are just over the moon for him. You love to stare at him, smile at him and hold his hand in the car while I drive. His voice alone will calm you down from a screaming fit and it just absolutely warms my heart. I can’t wait until you boys are older and are playing together. It’s going to be so awesome to watch!

I love you. So much,