Sam | 2 Months Old


I feel like I just finished writing your 1 month post and I’m already writing your 2 month post! This past month flew by, mostly because we were all so sick. You caught your first cold and it was so sad. You had a hard time nursing and sleeping which made you cranky. Your brother Teddy was sick and I was sick too! It was a rough couple of weeks to say the least.

You had your first round of shots this month too. You are really strong and the nurse had to hold you down in order to get the shots into your legs — but you sucked it up and barely even cried.

You had a special visitor this past month, Alex (we call her Andie). Andie moved up to Portland a year ago and you hadn’t been able to meet her yet! She loves you very much and enjoyed cuddling you while she was here.

You celebrated your brother’s, your cousin’s, and your auntie’s birthdays this month! We drove down to Riverside to first, surprise your grandma who received The Teacher of the Year Award for her school! She was VERY surprised to see us and it was an honor to watch her receive a much deserved award. We also visited the Cotsenmoyers and then went to Grandma’s classroom so all her students could meet you! They all loved it.

This month you had your first trip to the zoo! You were, as always, a champ. You’re very “go with the flow” and are always up for everything. It makes it very easy to take you places and even though you didn’t quite know what was going on, you seemed to enjoy yourself. We did a photobooth photo and you barfed — it was hilarious and I’m so glad we caught it on film.

On mother’s day your Dad made me cards from each of you boys. He traced your precious hand prints and made coupons from you in handmade cards. I LOVE THEM. That weekend we also went to the train museum at Griffith Park. You packed a picnic lunch and hung out in the park all day. You took a nap and hung out with mama while Teddy and Dad rode the train.

You are SO smiley! You love the sound of your Dada, Mama, and brother’s voices. When we laugh you giggle and when we smile at you, you smile back. You follow our voices by turning your head, too! You are strong and push your legs up like crazy. You can hold your head up too — which is great because you love to nap on your tummy and it make mama feel better about it knowing you can lift your head.

Sam, you’re growing up fast but I’m loving every minute of it. I can’t wait to see all the things you’re going to do this next month.

We love you,
Mama and Dada

And one of you and your brother being silly.