Teddy | 1 Month

This first month with Teddy has been quite an adventure! He is already crazy strong, lifting and turning his head all over the place and I SWEAR he is smiling already. He’s generally a happy baby and is very alert. He doesn’t like his eating and sleeping times to be uninterrupted though and he can be very vocal in letting you know when he’s disappointed.

We’ve been joking that he’s a bit bipolar because we will be cooing one minute and literally in seconds screaming his head off. He seems to have to be fed before liking his diaper changed, but that has already lead to some unfortunate accidents for Daddy. He’s been peed and pooped on quite a few times already. Just this week he had to change Teddy’s diaper three times in a row before leaving for work and gave up on the last one when he soiled it again!

Teddy is in excellent shape according to the doctor (who we love!). He’s in the 90th percentile for height and weight and 60th for head circumference. He’s very active and eating well. We go in next month for his shots and I am not looking forward to it. I haven’t even brought it up to Teddy yet — maybe we’ll just let it be a surprise.

We’ve had so many wonderful visitors this first month from down south, across town and out of town; and we have many more people to visit this coming month. We love all the love and help we’ve been receiving! My mom stayed with us the first week and was such a huge help. I don’t know how we would have survived without her tracking my medications and helping me remember which side I fed the baby on last. Then, Alex had to go back to work and I was alone for the first time with Teddy. It was really hard and he wouldn’t let me put him down. Alex came home at lunch and we drove to Oxnard just to get the baby to sleep. I ran into Target to buy a Moby wrap and some batteries while Alex drove around the parking lot. It was quite comical. After that, we had more visitors! Debbie and Wil came for a few days and helped me again — this time taking Teddy so I could meet Alex for lunch. It really has been a blessing with all these visitors.

This month we also had lots to celebrate. We celebrated Daddy’s birthday and Daddy’s first Father’s Day. Teddy got him a framed picture and a card. Mommy got him a massage and Starbucks.Teddy also pooped all over himself and our comforter so horribly that we had to shower him off and the comforter was unsalvageable — so we made another trip to Target for a new comforter!

I also drove down to Riverside (with Teddy BY MYSELF) for Aunt Julie Ann’s bachelorette party where Amy and I tore it up as mommies with babies at the party. The boys had fun!

But, the biggest adventure this month was Aunt Julie Ann and Uncle Thomas’ wedding! It was Teddy’s first major road trip excursion. He was a champ and didn’t mind the car ride as long as he was full. I think Mommy and Daddy had a harder time with the whole trip than Teddy did.

I was in the wedding so Daddy flew solo for the day! I had two bags of pumped milk for him and even picked out Teddy’s outfit. We forgot the milk was in the car so it spoiled and Teddy peed and pooped all over his outfit before the ceremony even started. Poor Daddy! Luckily I was able to nurse him quickly after family pictures and before formals, but he was still hungry. Aunty Amy to the rescue with her liquid gold! I wonder if Teddy will mind if I mention in my speech at HIS wedding that he drank some bottled milk from his mother-in-law? Too much? Too weird? A mamas gotta do what a mamas gotta do! And thank God for friends like Amy who have liquid gold on tap.

Overall, this month has been crazy and amazing and wonderful! I love being a mother and Alex is a fantastic Daddy. Teddy is a great baby and I’m sure this next month we’ll figure out the whole sleeping through the night thing. Right, Teddy?

Here are a few of my favorites from this month:


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