Teddy’s Birth Video

After two months, it’s finally finished! Alex and I have fought sleep depravation to finish this video because we knew if we didn’t do it now, it would never be done! There was so much more that we wanted to add to Teddy’s video and the director’s cut is over 20 minutes long. We spared you readers that and made it under 11 mins. We hope you enjoy!

*Side Note: The song at the end of this video is actually the song that Teddy came into the world by. The anesthesiologist let us play my iPhone over the system in the operating room so I didn’t have to wear headphones and could experience the birth. So, as you can imagine, it’s even more special to us now.

10 thoughts on “Teddy’s Birth Video”

  1. Oh do I ever know that “Holy Crap!” moment. LOL! I love how your mother in law starts doing the Mama sway the instant Teddy is put in her arms. Guess a mama never looses that sway huh? :) And I love the last shot of him sleeping. Sweet video.

  2. Oh my, how precious!! Beautiful job! Made me cry once again and reminded me of what an amazing mom and what an extraordinary dad Teddy has!! I am so, so proud of you both, and love you all VERY much!! Thank you for all the time you put into this beautiful gift to all who view it!

  3. We are thrilled to have been with you both the day before Teddy arrived and the day he arrived, even if just for a few minutes. What an honor it was for us Teddy’s Great Grandparents to be there. We are so awe struck over this video and love every minute of it. Thanks for your hard work – I know you say he is worth it all now. Love & prayers, G & G

  4. Teddy is a gift from God. Such a sweet video! One you’ll treasure forever. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Oh my…so precious Natalee! My eyes are welled with happy tears. Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

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