A Birthday for Baby Lopez

Baby Lopez,

We have your birthday picked. That’s so weird for me to say. I know the day you will be born. I thought only God could know that. Honestly, He’s probably laughing at me right now; Ms. Know-it-all down there pretending like she even has the faintest idea what’s in store for her. Oh, I know full well that just because we have a scheduled c-section date for you, doesn’t mean you won’t come earlier or that there couldn’t be conflicts or complications. I know full well who’s really in charge here.

Nevertheless, your birthday is scheduled for March 26th, 2015. Yes, it’s your Uncle Jonathan’s birthday. He actually specifically requested the day and hey, since your brother kind of stole his Auntie Ju-Ju’s birthday (May 20th), why not just round it out and take over another birthday as well, right?

Is this my first born crowning achievement? Have I won the ultimate prize that we all know every first born child dreams of — to outshine and steal all the spot light from their lesser siblings. I’m completely kidding of course, and my siblings know it. The truth is I feel as though I spent most of my adolescent and adult life trying to make sure I wasn’t “one of those” first borns and here I am stealing all the thunder. I know my family is just laughing while reading this and I’m sure there will be jokes for years to come about how royally selfish I was to rudely go into labor on my sister’s birthday and then have the gaul to schedule my next birth on my brother’s birthday. That’s me. Princess Natalee. Yes, we’re weird like that.

At any rate, I’m so anxious/nervous/excited to have the date scheduled and I cannot wait to find out what you are little baby.

Love you,

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