A Name for Baby Lopez

Baby Lopez,

We’re not finding out what you are until you’re born (in so many ways, but more specifically whether you’re a boy or a girl). I used to be very torn about this decision but now I’m so anxious and excited. I can’t wait until March 26th, 2015 when we roll up to the hospital at 7:30 am and finally get to find out what you are.

Your Dad and I have thought and prayed about your name and finally decided on one boy and one girl name.

If you’re a boy, your name will be:

Samuel William Lopez

Samuel is your Grandma’s Mother’s maiden name; your Great Grandma. Her name was Margery. She died before your Grandma and Grandpa were married so I never got to meet her, but I’ve heard I have her eyes and her musical talent. She was a beautiful lady, just like your Grandma and we wanted to honor her by giving you her name. Your middle name, William belongs to your Uncle Jonathan (who’s birthday you’re stealing), your Grandpa, and his Grandpa. All of these men are extremely amazing, Godly people in our lives and we would be so thrilled to have you carry on this family name and prayerfully the spirit of the name. Samuel means, “God Has Heard” and William means, “Protector”.

If you’re a girl, your name will be:

Eleanor Rosalee Lopez

Eleanor was my Great Grandmother’s name. She passed away while I was pregnant with your brother, Teddy. She was a spunky lady who used to joke about putting a brick on my head to stop me from growing and in the morning would ask me if I was “bright eyed and bushy tailed”. Rosa was your Daddy’s Abuelita. She was also a spunky lady who never seemed to age. She was an amazing cook and loved to tell stories about her five children, whom she loved very much. Lee is my namesake, which comes from my mother (Lee Ann) and her father (Larry Lee), I never met my Grandpa Larry but my mother is someone special to me (and she will be special to you too) so I would be honored to pass down my name to you. Eleanor means, “Bright, Shining One”. Rosa means, “Rose”, and Lee means, “Plum”. That makes me smile.

Little one, you are so loved and whatever you will be, will be amazing. I cannot wait to meet you.


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