Baby | 8 Weeks (but really 10)

8 (ahem, I mean 10) weeks! I’m so glad we’ve made it this far little kumquat! Alex and I have begun praying for you specifically based on what size you are, so this week we’re praying for our little kumquat.

I’ve had horrible morning sickness that has lasted all day for the past two weeks and I’ve been extremely exhausted. It now takes me about 45 minutes to get out of bed and shower — a task that usually takes me 10 minutes. I basically have to sit down every 10 minutes in the morning until I’ve had something to eat.

I’ve been a biiiiiiiit hormonal, in fact this week I yelled at Alex while we were enjoying dinner at Panera and everyone started staring. It was not my finest moment and Alex laughed so hard that he cried — so, I started laughing at how ridiculous my whole freak out was.

I don’t have much of a bump yet (the above picture is more of a food baby than an actual one) and that is perfectly fine with me, but I am definitely feeling a little thicker around the middle. I’m going to ride this out as long as possible, but this little baby has had me eating constantly! This past week I ate entire pasta meal for a family of four… by myself. It may have taken me three hours, but I ate it and I’m not ashamed.

So, what were some of your remedies for “morning” sickness? How did you maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy and what workouts do you suggest? I’ve been pretty good about maintaining some cardio, but it’s been hard these past two weeks.

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  1. Hey girly! Congrats!!! I just went through my OB rotation at school and they recommend having cracks or toast before u even get out of bed in the morning. Then eat frequent, small meals throughout the day. Just thought I would pass on my new knowledge. :)

    Glad to hear ur enjoying ur pregnancy! Good luck :)

  2. I don’t know much about morning sickness but I never felt as good as I did after a prenatal yoga class. I always loved yoga but I’m also a runner and that was hard for me to do past 4months. I loved the support I got at prenatal yoga also. I loved it so much I was bummed when I went into labor (6 days late) because I was going to miss my class the next day!! Hope you feel better soon cuz pregnancy is so amazing when you feel good!!

  3. So yeah its lame but the trick to the sickies is to not let ur stomach get empty (for most). Find what dry cereal works for you and keep it in baggies on hand. I did the strawberry frosted mini wheats a lot since they were good for fiber and whole wheat. But think about it u get sick in the morning after a whole night of sleeping….cuz ur not eating. so on the night stand it was kept and I munched after the constant pee wakings heh. I avoided caffeine the first 3 months which killed, to be safe, and just lots of water and protein. The more protein the stronger the amniotic sack. One thing that surprised me that I learned is that ur babe can actually be born in its amniotic sack without out ur water breaking and its the best thing for ur babe but rare because most chicks labor won’t progress without the water breaking which is why they do it. I jazzercised up till the month before too but walking is great. Helps with swelling if u get it.

  4. EAT EAT EAT FIRST in the morning BEFORE you do ANYTHING. And i’m sooo serious about this. Not only will is squash your morning sickness, but it will give you energy to finally get ready. This was hard for me as eating was last on my list. Remember, baby is taking all of you, so fuel up first!!!!

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