Baby Lopez | 24 Weeks

Little baby, we’ve crossed the halfway mark and we’re rocking the second trimester, you and me. I’m pretty positive you’re a boy, although everyone (like pretty much everyone) says you’re a girl. Your kicks are so strong! Any time I take a second to slow down from chasing your brother around you make your presence known with a swift kick to my bladder or any other internal organ you happen to be next to. I LOVE your kicks though. I’m so happy to have the constant reminder that you’re alive and well.

I have crazy heartburn with you, just like I did with your brother so I’m guessing you’ll have a full head of hair too. I haven’t had any super weird cravings or carpal tunnel which has been fantastic (however, a slight addiction to coca-cola thanks you).

I can’t believe we’re full swing into the Christmas season already, then into the new year and THEN in three short months you’ll be here. Wow. I’m really enjoying this pregnancy and enjoying cherishing each moment with you until you come into our lives in a crazy way!

*          *          *

Wow! I cannot believe this pregnancy is already almost half way over. This being my last, I’m trying so hard to take it all in and remember each thing. However, I’m already realizing that splitting attention between two kiddos (even with one in utero) is proving to be an interesting task. People will occasionally ask me, “So, do you feel like you’re ready?” And all I feel like I can say is, “I have no idea!” And truthfully I’m just not entirely sure there’s a way to prepare for life with multiple children.

This past month has been insane — to put it mildly. This month we put an offer on a house, got it approved, went through the inspection process, counter offers and closed escrow all this month! We moved in just this past weekend and the process went incredibly smoothly. I still am in shock that we own a home. It’s ours.

I’m nesting like crazy which is good because there are so many boxes to unpack and so much to get ready before this baby comes. But, I’ve been struggling with sciatica this time around. It’s something I haven’t experienced in past pregnancies and I don’t quite know how to deal with it. I only seem to notice it when I sit or lie down. It always starts to feel better but then there is a burning sensation too. So, as long as I’m on my feet most of the day I don’t really notice it, until my left side of my body twinges or I get numbness. Then I have to stop and ice my back.

Our new house is so great! It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a sunroom and a small office. The backyard is small and manageable. I LOVE IT. I’ve been pinning ideas like crazy on Pinterest and I can’t wait to tackle each little project one weekend at a time. Our neighborhood is so great. I’ve met two of the neighbors so far and I’ve heard people will come over and introduce themselves soon. I can’t wait. We’re on a cul-de-sac so there are always kids playing outside and there’s a great sense of community already.

I’m ready to start decorating for Christmas already! Let’s get this house unpacked and the tree up. I’m looking forward to this Christmas with Teddy and remembering to cherish this special time I have with just him too.

Happy Christmas!

Baby Lopez | 20 Weeks

Baby March! We’ve been calling you Baby April, but just found out that you’ll be born in March via c-section. I get to schedule the actual day in a few short weeks. Wow. You are growing healthy and HUGE, by the way. I went in for my 20 week appointment two weeks ago when you were only 18 weeks along and you’re measuring an ounce and a half bigger that normal (meaning you were measuring 20 weeks, at 18).

Now that I know you’re probably going to be another huge baby, I’m kind of glad to be scheduling my delivery with you. And now, I’m even more excited that we don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl yet! Not that having a baby isn’t exciting enough, but the thought of knowing exactly when you’re coming makes it more exciting that we’ll get to find out who and what you are right after.

Keep growing and making your mommy huge — I don’t mind one bit!

*         *          *

Wow, this past month has been a crazy whirlwind. We’ve been looking at houses on the down-low for a while and even gave up for a while. Then, our realtor sent us a few houses she thought we might be interested in. We loved two of them, put in offers, back and forth, back and forth, inspections, appraisals, and we might actually get a house for Thanksgiving. All in this past month.

We also traveled to Arizona this month, over my 20 week, mid-way crossover. All the Lopezes gathered together in Flagstaff and enjoyed time together for a few days. I actually got the flu the night we arrived and had to spend the first 24 hours of our vacation in quarantine, but Alex took great care of me and the baby. The next day we took to the Grand Canyon! Wow, what an amazing sight to see. It was kind of cloudy out, but it was still absolutely stunning.

Later, we took the kids for a ride on the Polar Express! My goodness, did they have a blast. They served cookies and hot cocoa and we sang Christmas carols all the way to and from the North Pole. The kids wore their pjs on the ride and Santa even paid a visit! I honestly think, of the whole trip, this was my favorite part. I LOVE Christmas!

Chasing a toddler around, working part-time, and growing another child has proven to be exhausting and thrilling all at once. I know how blessed we are to have each other and the amazing things we have to clothe, house, and feed us. We could not be more grateful. The second trimester has actually proven to afford me more energy and the ability to eat more — which has been showing in my waistline. Hah! I feel as though I’m about the same size I was at 28 weeks with Teddy, but I know it’s my second child and I’m being healthy and active so, it is what it is! I may need to ask for some maternity clothes for Christmas this year.

Please be in prayer for us as we transition into this next phase of life and also for the possibility of a house!

Baby Lopez | 16 Weeks

Little Turnip,

Wow, has this past month been interesting. You’re not making me as nauseous or tired, though I’m still pretty tired; that may have something to do with your fearless, adventurous, brother though so you get some slack.  Simple tasks these days take three times as long to do and I have to sit down a lot. I completely forgot this part of pregnancy! How you’re tired all the time and feel like you weigh a thousand pounds and don’t have any energy.

You have me craving peaches and pickles, pretty similarly to your brother, although I crave peaches more this time. I’m eating them fresh, canned, yogurted, basically in any form. I’m not craving milk really and I definitely haven’t been able to enjoy a cup of coffee yet, which is a bummer — your mommy REALLY likes coffee. You will let me have an occasional hot chocolate or chai though, which is nice.

We’re getting to the point now where I could be feeling you kick more often. You did kick me really hard two weeks ago and I was stunned. I thought it was WAY to early for that. Since then, you’ve been pretty quiet. I’ve felt either flutters or gas bubbles for a while but nothing substantial. I’m really looking forward to you kicking me so I have a constant reminder of your presence.

We love you and can’t wait to hold you!

*          *          *

Well hello there baby bump! You decided to just show up there didn’t ya? Whelp, now I don’t have to suck it in anymore so, HOLLA!

Have I mentioned how tiring being pregnant and chasing around a toddler is? Nothing like growing another life inside you to make you feel so exhausted. I get winded walking around the house, climbing stairs, and I sometimes even get light-headed if I stand up too fast. I’m constantly feeling off, like something is physically wrong with me! No healthy 28 year old woman should be winded walking up the stairs. Then I remember that I’m growing a baby and I cut myself some slack, but not too much! As much as I’d love to just sit on the couch and eat fries all day, I know that’s not healthy for this little turnip growing inside me.

I still have an aversion to most vegetables and it’s pretty sad when things I love start tasting different or off. Especially if I spent over and hour cooking a tasty meal only for it to taste gross to me. It’s the strangest thing! Pregnancy is weird.

Teddy is continually keep me on my toes, mentally and physically. He’s a riot these days. He loves making people laugh, wrestling, chasing, and helping out around the house. He’s such a good boy, but man is he independent! So far, I’ve learned that taking something away from him without asking him to give it to me first is a HUGE mistake. He throws a MAJOR fit and runs away crying. It’s pretty sad, when I’m not laughing hysterically at him throwing himself on the floor, crying, “Nooooooo!” Like he’s falling into a pit of lava to his death. Teddy is so dramatic.

Anywho, we’re trying to get him prepped for the new baby coming by talking about babies a lot, but he’s not really getting the concept yet. I feel like he’s still so young and hasn’t learned enough about himself to understand something outside of himself. So, this whole sibling thing should be interesting.

Last month in September would have been when our second baby was due. I woke up Friday morning, on my due date so sad and I had a huge headache. There was nothing I would have rather done but to crawl in bed all day and have a good cry, but Teddy needed me. I remembered our baby in my own way that day by pulling out the ultrasound photos, the teddy bear I bought, and some other items. Then I packed them away again. I received a sweet card from a dear friend that completely touched me and allowed me the space I needed to cry. Thanks, Bree.

On my nephew’s birthday this past week, I was sitting there will all our family just in awe of God’s love for us, his children and thinking about how our little one would have been here for this day. Then as we were walking out to the car, my nephew accidentally let go of one of his balloons and it floated up into the atmosphere. I was overwhelmed. It seemed silly but I felt like the balloon was somehow going to reach heaven and our baby knew the balloon was from us.

It’s such an difficult thing to explain — grief. There are day I’m completely logical about it. I know my baby’s life was whole and complete, even though it was short. In that, I feel like I celebrate his/her birthday on the day they left my body. But for some reason, it felt appropriate to celebrate, even in a small way, his/her perspective due date as well. I guess there is no right or wrong answer when it comes it grief. It’s just a process.

Our rainbow baby, Baby April is so precious to us and we are so excited about this blessing of life granted to us, however long it is.

Here’s to 16 weeks down!

Baby | 40 Weeks

Kid, we made it. 40 weeks of pregnancy; just you and me and of course your Dad who dealt with all the ups and downs of it. Teddy, it’s been real but let’s get this thing started shall we? I know you’re good and comfy in there but Mama needs some room to breath and this carpal tunnel has gots-ta-go!

I’ve really enjoyed having you in my womb. Honest. Dad said something the other day that totally made me cry. He said that you and I have had these last 9 months of special bonding time that no one else is ever going to get to experience. It’s like I got my own personal time with you before you were even born. I know your habits already, which side you like to sleep on, and noises you do/don’t like. You also started doing this funny thing that Dad and I call “starfish”. We seem to stretch out your arms and legs at the same time (yes, it’s kind of painful since you don’t have a ton of space) and move them around. We keep telling you there is LOTS of room out here if you want to join us!

I am really looking forward to seeing your sweet little face though! I wonder if you’ll be dark or light, what color your hair will be, and your eyes. I’ve always imagined you as a mini version of your Dad so I’m excited to see if you have any of my traits. So, let’s get this show on the road huh, kid?

*          *          *

I can’t believe this pregnancy is about to come to an end! I’m ready for the next phase; as much as  I can be. I’ve never experienced labor or postpartum so I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but I have really appreciated all the wonderful advice I’ve been receiving from other moms who have. I know this week is going to be a long one while we wait for Teddy to make his appearance, but I seriously can’t wait to be a mom.

I said it in my Mother’s Day post but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be a mom and I always thought I would have two boys. We’ll see I guess, but so far we’re off to a good start! For me, it’s been crazy to imagine myself NOT pregnant — I’ve been pregnant for 9 months (40 weeks)! Considering there are only 52 weeks in a year, that’s crazy!

Throughout this pregnancy body has responded pretty normally. I had morning sickness and carpal tunnel and heartburn, but I have loved that I haven’t gained a ton of weight and that my stretch marks have been minimal. Funny story though, I keep imagining that after the baby comes out, my stomach is just going to turn into this hallow sack and hang there for the rest of my life, to forever be stuffed into some high waisted mom jeans and I will never, ever, ever wear a bathing suit again. Hah! But, then I also imagine myself being a bit more relaxed with myself. You know how we women are super critical of ourselves! I actually imagine cutting myself some slack after bearing a child and saying, “Eh, good enough!” I know there will be days where I feel both feelings, but you know what? I am really proud of my body for the sacrifices it’s made to grow this little one! It really is amazing.

Soooooooo, the next time I write Teddy will be here hopefully! I can’t wait to meet him.

Leelo and Ander +1

Baby | 36 Weeks

Teddy! We officially have one month left until your due date. I cannot believe that in just a few weeks I will get to see your sweet face. Daddy and I were just talking about how not knowing what you will look like or be like is so rare this day in age — between Amazon where you can see the item and read reviews before you purchase something and our iPhones were everything is instant gratification. It makes the excitement of getting to see you so much more precious.

* * *
I’m still believing that the third trimester is the best! I wish I could have just skipped over the whole morning sickness and restlessness (and carpal tunnel) of the second trimester and shot straight to the third!

So much has happened in the last month. I started physical therapy for my wrist which has helped so much. I I’ve my wrist and exercise it 3-5 times a day and I’ve noticed much more relief. Hooray!

I also had a LOVELY shower thrown for me by my Mom and bestie Amy! So many of my friends and family helped make it so special — and of course all those who attended. It was a brunch shower so they did bright sunshine colors. We had tasty treats, fun games and prizes, and onesie decorating! I so love all the onesies everyone created and I can’t wait to put him in every single one. We also received so many amazing books, diapers and gifts — I’m overwhelmed by how much love this little guy has been shown.

After my shower we celebrated Easter with our two families and then I was able to go on a mini babymoon of my own with my Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa! For three days I rested and laid by the pool. It was wonderful.

Amy even brought the goobers out to play on Wednesday and we had a blast in the lazy river and the kiddy-pool. Camden mostly slept and pooped and looked cute.

When I got back to Riverside, I worked with my MIL who was throwing a shower for Amber (My SIL)! We had so much fun making everything girly and pink.

We shopped and planned and everything turned out to be so girly and fun! I can’t wait for these two little ones to arrive.

On another note, Alex started an extremely hard semester and we also found out that Teddy is due the week of his finals! Eek. Please keep him in your prayers. He’s a fantastic student and I know he will do great, but I also know that spending such little time with me before the Bubba comes has been hard.

We ALSO have allllllmost finished Teddy’s corner! I cannot believe how much we’ve been able to squeeze into this place. We have 750 sq feet, which I know if more than most (and we are extremely grateful), but babies have a lot of crap you guys! We can’t wait to show you the finished product.

As always, thank you for the prayers, love and support!

Leelo & Ander +1


Baby | Week 32

Teddy Boy, only 2 more months until I get to hold you, kiss your cheeks, toes, and tiny fingers. I cannot wait. You are such an active little guy — there’s no point in me tracking your movements because you are ALWAYS on the move. Punching my bladder, kicking my ribs, squirming and moving. It’s been an amazing experience and I know being your Mommy is going to be a whole new one!

I think about you a lot. I imagine what you’re going to look like and act like and hope you are sweet and cuddly guy; which is a lot coming from me because I really don’t like to cuddle or hug. I hope to always have your best interests at heart and I am so ready for life to become all about you!

Now, two more months little buddy. Don’t get too huge!

*      *      *

Two months left! I am so ready to hold this little guy already. So far third trimester has been my favorite even though the carpal tunnel is still pretty constant and is now accompanied with heartburn and insomnia every night. Even with alllll that, it’s still my favorite and I know it’s because I will finally get to hold our little guy at the end of it.

For the past 9 months, I’ve been volunteering at a local charter school on Mondays and Tuesday in upper grade and then on Thursdays I have been running their Kinderclub. It has been an absolute joy and WONDERFUL training for mommy-hood. On Thursdays I was able to create the whole curriculum, including a craft, which I loved. This past Thursday was my last week and all the kid’s families got together to give me a gift card, a box of cookies, and a very sweet card. Seeing all their faces and receiving their warm hugs made it extremely hard to leave, but I am really looking forward to taking the month of April to get everything ready for Teddy’s arrival. The kids are also so excited to see Teddy and begged me to bring him with me to the school once I have him.

I am at the point now where I have to see the doctor every two weeks, so the anticipation is mounting! Today was my 32 week check-up and everything looks great. He’s head down, has a strong heartbeat and my fluid is good as well. I am just happy that this pregnancy has been as smooth as it has for Teddy. He seems to be pretty happy in there. I would take carpal tunnel, heartburn, insomnia, charlie-horses and throwing up any day over harm coming to him. Even now that the crazy hormones are back where I’m crying one minute and laughing the next.

This coming month I’ll be spending most of my time getting ready for his arrival. We’ve slowly been working on Teddy’s corner of the room as well as re-arranging things in the bedroom and living room so we have space for all his clothes, toys, diapers, crib, and changing station. Here’s a few pictures of the work in progress:


We purchased a wardrobe from IKEA for all his clothes and we also put in those green bins to store all his toys and other items we find that fit in there. The above picture is our dresser, which will now be Teddy’s changing table. The more I look at the pegboard in our room, the more I love it — but it’s huge so I think we’ll be doing some  re-adjusting. Next to the changing table I hope to have a rocking chair and then right next to my side of the bed, we’d like to have his crib. It’s all starting to feel so real and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

Only 8 more weeks (hopefully) until he will get to enjoy it!

Thank you all so much for your love and support,

Leelo & Ander +1

Baby | 28 Weeks


Whoa Teddy, there you are! You are moving and punching and kicking and popping out all over the place. I have definitely reached the stage where everyone can tell I’m pregnant and everyone is asking to feel you kick. You are picky though and don’t like to be disturbed during your naps. Can you come out now so we can snuggle?

* * *
Hello third trimester! You are more than welcome to rear your ugly head — I’ve heard you’re a doozy but since I’ve already experienced barfing, insomnia, carpel tunnel, and heartburn I’m pretty sure I can handle your swollen feet and hugeness. Bring it on!

I am both happy and sad to see the second trimester go because I know it means that my pregnancy is coming to an end, but I cannot wait to see our little guy in less than 3 months! I can tell I’m getting more anxious and excited because my dreams are starting to include laboring and holding him as well as cuddles and talks with him. Gosh, I cannot wait to see what he looks like and what his personality will be.

My dreams of labor usually include me looking to Alex for comfort and assurance that everything is going as planned; and while that brings me comfort (since I was always convinced my labor would include me screaming expletives at him) it kind of terrifies him! He keeps telling me that he is going to have no idea what to do and he really wants to have help. So, we are beginning the process of looking for a Doula. I’m excited! I have heard so many great things about laboring with a doula and if any of you in Ventura County have suggestions, please send them our way. Or, Megan Martin if you want to temporarily move to Camarillo it would be greatly appreciated!

These past four weeks have probably been the best in my pregnancy. I was able to figure out a plan to relieve my carpal tunnel, I’m sleeping better at night, and the kids at the school I volunteer for have been so sweet and excited for me. The often ask me how Teddy is doing and love feeling him kick. I’ll be sad to finish up my rotation in March because I’ll miss them very much!

I do, however, feel pretty huge! Where did this belly come from?! I have gained 8 pounds so far, which has me right on track with a pound a week after 20 weeks. I’m hoping to keep this up because that means I will gain around 20 pounds total — though, all I care about is having a healthy baby!

A huge blessing we received was three bags full of clothes from cousin Julian! I’m so excited to get Teddy into these adorable clothes and I cannot wait for my upcoming shower. So much love is being lavished upon this little guy and he’s not even here yet.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers. Here’s to an awesome third trimester!

Ander and Leelo + 1

Baby | 20 Weeks

Merry Christmas Eve and welcome to 20 weeks baby! You’re about the size of a banana now and I’m kind of freaking out about the fact that you are eventually going to be the size of a pumpkin. Can we make a deal? Could you be a relatively small pumpkin? Like a 7 pounder would be good? Great.

*   *   *

20 weeks. Half way there! I know I’ve said it a million times but can it be May already?! I just want to hold this little guy like nobody’s business. Don’t get me wrong… I have really started enjoying this pregnancy thing. I’m cooking again and I’m not barfing unless I forget to eat something AS SOON as I get up — or brush my teeth before I eat. AND last week on 12/21/12 around 9:00 pm I felt him move. It was amazing. It started off as a low rumble and I had my hand resting on the right side of my stomach when the low rumble turned into sort of a wave and then a quick jab! I moved my hand off and sat VERY still and then I received two more quick punches or kicks or whatever. It was the weirdest and most amazing feeling ever. I totally cried. So did Alex when he got home from school and I told him.

So far, the jabs have been the best part of this pregnancy. Oh! We got to hear Teddy’s heartbeat for the first time last week as well. That was amazing. 150 beats per minute and doing great, the doctor says. It’s the first time that the words “typical” and “boring” made me so happy. She has absolutely no concerns and that makes me feel so great.

The same day I felt the jabs we also found out that a dear pastor’s daughter, who was just 5 years old, passed away from a severe asthma attack. I literally gasped when I read the blogpost. I couldn’t move or do anything for about 30 minutes — I just sat there in the mess of it all completely stunned. No one thinks they’ll loose their little one to asthma. I spent some time doing research after that and realized how very dangerous asthma is! It is most definitely not something to take lightly. Just when I was about to start freaking out, Teddy gave me the weave and jab and reminded me that he’s still here and he’s still safe. What a blessing in the midst of it all.

Lord, help me rejoice in this time with Teddy. Help me not to be too anxious. Help me treasure him and cherish him and ultimately know that he’s a gift and not mine to begin with. Thank you for him.

I hope (and I know) that you all will cherish your loved ones this Christmas season!

Merry Christmas,
Leelo and Ander +1

Baby | 12 Weeks

We made it to 12 weeks little lime and, so far, according to the doctor we both are doing a great job. Hooray!

So, this little lime is still totally kicking my butt. I’m up peeing all the time, tired all the time, and the morning sickness — though it has died down quite a bit — is still in full effect. Last night was the worst. I’m pretty sure this baby hates diary, tomatoes, and red meat. All of which are very sad. This baby has pretty much ruined spaghetti for me, since it just doesn’t taste the same coming back up. What was really weird is that all the noodles were gone, just the meat sauce remained, so I’m pretty sure this little one likes carbs. Sorry if that was a little TMI for y’all.

The weird, and I mean ultra-super weird, dreams have started. Two nights ago I dreamed that I was Hermione trying to escape the death-eaters for my ultimate mission of choosing the next James Bond. I interviewed many candidates and finally I took a rocket to outer-space where I found… Sponge Bob, who was jumping rope around the moon. Anyway, after much deliberation I decided that Sponge Bob should be the next James Bond or Bob. Whatever. Then we orbited around earth and landed in England where we shared a virgin martini (shaken, not stirred).

Needless to say, I woke up completely terrified and also hysterical.

This pregnancy has been a pretty crazy ride so far and I am so looking forward to the second trimester where I will, hopefully, start to feel better and have a bit more energy.

Until then,
Leelo and Ander +1

Baby | 8 Weeks (but really 10)

8 (ahem, I mean 10) weeks! I’m so glad we’ve made it this far little kumquat! Alex and I have begun praying for you specifically based on what size you are, so this week we’re praying for our little kumquat.

I’ve had horrible morning sickness that has lasted all day for the past two weeks and I’ve been extremely exhausted. It now takes me about 45 minutes to get out of bed and shower — a task that usually takes me 10 minutes. I basically have to sit down every 10 minutes in the morning until I’ve had something to eat.

I’ve been a biiiiiiiit hormonal, in fact this week I yelled at Alex while we were enjoying dinner at Panera and everyone started staring. It was not my finest moment and Alex laughed so hard that he cried — so, I started laughing at how ridiculous my whole freak out was.

I don’t have much of a bump yet (the above picture is more of a food baby than an actual one) and that is perfectly fine with me, but I am definitely feeling a little thicker around the middle. I’m going to ride this out as long as possible, but this little baby has had me eating constantly! This past week I ate entire pasta meal for a family of four… by myself. It may have taken me three hours, but I ate it and I’m not ashamed.

So, what were some of your remedies for “morning” sickness? How did you maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy and what workouts do you suggest? I’ve been pretty good about maintaining some cardio, but it’s been hard these past two weeks.

Over and out,
Leelo and Ander +1