Baby Lopez | 12 Weeks

Little April Baby, man oh man have you made me tired. I’ve been so lucky not to have barfed at all this entire pregnancy (until the first day of week 12). You have made me oh, so nauseous though. The nausea where you’re sure if you could just barf it would go away… But, this ain’t my first rodeo kid. I’m so aware that the sickness stays and stays. But, man I thought we were in the clear! Home stretch into the second trimester and you had me barfing every hour. Sheesh!

You have eve already brought us so much joy, even in the midst of nausea. We keep trying to figure out where we are going to live and where we are going to put you and imagining what you’ll be! Your Daddy and I have decided to wait until you’re born to find out! I could not be more excited. We decided this after determining that the best course of action would be to have a scheduled c-section.  I remember your Nana telling me how crazy it was to walk up to the counter at the hospital on June 5th to have your Daddy; no contractions, no pain and yet she was going to have a baby. So, we decided that since some of the anticipation was going to be left out this time, that we might as well make it a little fun. So, we’re planning on waiting to find out what you are! Here’s hoping no one screws it up.

We cannot wait to meet you and see what you’ll look like!

*         *         *

Growing another life while trying to keep a crazy toddler alive is seriously, no joke. Throw in a two story apartment complex on grocery day, no backyard for this kid to run around in, a part time job and nausea (now barfing), and you have a deadly cocktail for one tired and angry mama bear. Listen, I’ve been living without much sleep for the past two years, but these vivid dreams and tossing and turning and barfing and hunger has gots to go!

But, seriously… These dreams. So incredibly vivid and random dreams. Most of mine lately have to do with nesting. In fact, last night I dreamed about deying my sheets a deep indigo blue: the entire process, start to finish. How mundane and boring! Hah. And yet, those sheets turned about pretty stinking amazing — I was so proud of dream me. What does it all mean? Seriously, Dad… Can I get some dream interpretation over here?

Ive also not been able to cook hardly at all. I can’t stand eggs or any raw meat. It’s extremely rare that I even have the energy to make anything let alone the desire to touch or taste anything. Why is it that I seem to be able to taste the earth from whence all the vegetables came? And why does all meat taste so… Meaty? Gah. Just give me peaches and orange juice. That’s about all I want these days. Oh! Have I mentioned that I haven’t had any coffee either this go around? I was a two cups a day kind of girl before and I literally had to quit cold turkey because the smell of coffee would make me gap. It’s crazy how our bodies respond to these babies!

Just as when they are earth side, these babies that can cause so much strife and change are truly the greatest little blessings. I’m amazed over and over every single time we get to see our little one on the screen. And I keep waiting in anticipation for this one to move so I can feel it. I can’t wait for that! It’s my absolutely favorite part of pregnancy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can make me feel sick all you want little one. I’m so privileged to be able to be carrying you and I can’t wait to hold you and squeeze you.

Love, Mama

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  1. I loved reading all about your pregnancy and the little on growing inside you. I know it is not always easy, but you can do it and it is all worth it once you hold them in your arms. you know how fun Teddy has been – well now you can double that. Yes, you may need to rest when they do and take a nap when they do (be thankful they nap!) I love you, Natalee, my first born Grandchild , and I am so thankful for you and Alex and the parents you have become. Love you, Grandm

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