Healthy is the New Skinny

About a month ago I started going to a personal trainer once a week. I know what you’re thinking… “Dang big money!” But, seriously it is expensive. I have approached these last four weeks as a crash course in fitness and overall health, because let’s just say this band nerd who ate/drank Dr. Pepper and hot Cheetos all through high school does not know the first thing about proper nutrition nor about lifting anything except a pair of cymbals (yes, you can laugh now).

My trainer Joe has been amazing.  Alex and I have been doing combined sessions and Joe has been teaching us about eating healthy and targeting specific muscles including our hearts, glutes, abs, legs, and arms (which is pretty much your entire body, right?).  Joe’s goal for us both has been:

Don’t weigh yourself.  This isn’t about weigh loss.  If you eat healthy, and work out a minimum of 20 mins a day, the results will come.  Slowly, but surely, they will come.  This is not a crash diet… it’s a lifestyle change.

Further, as some of you may know, but both Alex and I have lower back issues (his is sciatica and mine is scoliosis) and Joe has given us some great modifications for typical work out moves to aid in building back muscle, while taking the pressure off our lower backs during other work outs.  It has been inspiring and so extremely helpful.  I have hurt in places I didn’t even know muscles existed and it is fantastic.  Honestly, if you’ve never had any personal attention in the fitness/health area I recommend getting a trainer or taking a course at your local community college.

Finally, I told Joe that Alex and I would like to start planning for a family this year, but that I wanted to be healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout my pregnancy.  He was honest and encouraged me to lower my body fat index through a workout/food regimen and he has me keep a food journal.  He’s been extremely encouraging and told me that I’m honestly not eating that bad, but that I should eat more often (to keep my metabolism working — never get too hungry) and consume more water (to aid my body is flushing out toxins).

So, I’ve been trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle through what I believe to be a few simple steps:

1) Work out at least 20 mins a day
2) Alternate cardio and weight lifting every other day
3) Consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily
4) Eat more frequently (5xs a day)
5) Eat more veggies instead of more carbs
6) Eat fruit in the mornings

I’m not entirely sure how this is working for me weight loss wise, but I sure feel healthier. And if Joe is right, the weight loss will come.  But hey… it’s not about being skinny right. It’s about being healthy. Healthy is the new skinny, dontcha know?



Hey, hey, hey.

Yup, it’s Me — I’m back!! At the urging of my hubby and a few friends, I’m back-in-action.  Life has changed quite a bit for me this past year.  I graduated from college with my B.S. in Business Administration (woot!) and my amazing husband received a job offer in Thousand Oaks as the Director of User Experience and Web Design at RICO Technologies (double woot!). We became and aunt and uncle for the first time (baby woot!). I turned 26 and on the first try we found a church that we LOVE. We have put off starting a family and have been transiting back and forth between Riverside and Thousand Oaks for the past six months.  It’s been crazy, emotional, and has taken a lot of faith on both of our parts to make this journey.  But here we are and blessed are we!

Anywho, I’m back to blogging.  Expect recipes and rants, DIYS and fantastic failures, food for thought and junk food for thought.  It’s not going to be pretty (well it can’t be all the time) folks, but it’s a work in progress (ain’t we all?).

It feels good to be back. Oh, and hey… because I like ya’ll so much I posted two recipes (what?! I know.. I know.. ya love me).

Egg & Spinach on Toast
White Bean Veggie Soup

Happy Day!