Hey, hey, hey.

Yup, it’s Me — I’m back!! At the urging of my hubby and a few friends, I’m back-in-action.  Life has changed quite a bit for me this past year.  I graduated from college with my B.S. in Business Administration (woot!) and my amazing husband received a job offer in Thousand Oaks as the Director of User Experience and Web Design at RICO Technologies (double woot!). We became and aunt and uncle for the first time (baby woot!). I turned 26 and on the first try we found a church that we LOVE. We have put off starting a family and have been transiting back and forth between Riverside and Thousand Oaks for the past six months.  It’s been crazy, emotional, and has taken a lot of faith on both of our parts to make this journey.  But here we are and blessed are we!

Anywho, I’m back to blogging.  Expect recipes and rants, DIYS and fantastic failures, food for thought and junk food for thought.  It’s not going to be pretty (well it can’t be all the time) folks, but it’s a work in progress (ain’t we all?).

It feels good to be back. Oh, and hey… because I like ya’ll so much I posted two recipes (what?! I know.. I know.. ya love me).

Egg & Spinach on Toast
White Bean Veggie Soup

Happy Day!

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