First Words

Five days ago Teddy started intentionally trying to repeat what I was saying while we practice our daily, “Dadas” and “Mamas”. I was really trying to stress the “mamas”, to which my mom said, “Ohhhh, good luck with that. It’s ALWAYS ‘Dada’ first!”

Then Teddy and I got sick. The lessons stopped and the cuddles, humidifier and Vicks vapor rub began. Nothing but a few coughs and squeals from our little Mr. Sunshine.

Finally, today we were just starting to feel better… And Daddy gets sick! We still had an errand we needed to run so we hoped in the car with me driving and Alex in the back. He figured, let’s give it a shot. He started saying, “Dada.” And would you believe???? Teddy started saying it!

“Dadadadadada! Dadada! Dada.”

I was driving, but luckily Alex caught it on his phone so I could watch it back later. At least I got to hear it for real. It was just the cutest thing in the whole world. I didn’t even mind that it wasn’t a “Mama” first. And even though he’s still coughing and hacking he’s been going non stop! “Dadadadada!” Alllll the live long day!

Just the cutest.

I imagine it’s hard being the working parent so I’m just very glad Alex not only got the first word, but it was “Dada.” Just melts your heart.

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  1. Wow is that ever special, we can’t wait to hear him say it ourselves this week end… Now if there is a video it won’t work so we are not getting to hear him yet. Check our the web site.
    Thanks so much for sharing this amazing new Teddy thing!

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