It finally happened! Teddy started saying, “Mama.” It’s funny though, the first time I heard it I didn’t believe he actually said it. I thought it must have been a variation of “Nana”, which he’s been saying that for two weeks now. Nana is very happy about this; I, however, was very jealous and not too excited about being called, “Nana” instead. Then, last Wednesday at bible study, he started saying it as he was crawling around. Oh! He’s standing on his own now too. Did I mention that? This crazy kid can stand for 7-10 seconds on his own without holding onto anything. So, there he was standing on his own and saying, “mama.” I had to have confirmation from everyone in the group that he actually was saying it. We put it to a vote and decided it was happening.

Since then, he’s saying it a lot more now. Not so much in the endearing way he says, “dada”. More in the whining, crying, I need you, way. Which, unfortunately isn’t as cute. I’m holding out for the day though! One of these days he’s going to look up at me and say, “Mama.” And I’ll know it means, “I love you. Thank you for everything you do. You’re the best.”


2 thoughts on “Mama”

  1. His whining, crying, I need you “Mama” says “I love you” too! You have the privilege of being able to meet his needs like no one else! That’s why he cries for you. He knows you’re the best! (But it can be a strain sometimes. ☺) Love seeing all the pictures. He is so dang cute. And you and Alex seem to be awesome parents. Love you.

  2. Yay! So fun! I was just thinking today about how I can’t wait til Eisley starts saying mama and dada but then remembered the whiney “mama, mama, mama” and thought, “It’s so cute, but I think I can wait a bit.” Heh. He’s such a cutie.

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