Sam | 7 Months

Sammy Baby,

Yes, that’s what we call you. Yes, we sing it in the vocal stylings of Fankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Yes, you love it.

You’re over half a year old now AND we’re about enter into my FAVORITE time of year! The Holidays. First up, your first halloween. I can’t wait to get you all dressed up and take you and your brother around the neighborhood. We LOVE our neighbors. They are literally the kind of people from whom you can ask for sugar!

The month was so fun in most ways and challenging in others. Your first adventure was seeing the Blue Angels in the airshow at Pt. Magu. Your cousins, Nana and Papa went too and you all loved it. We loved it so much, we went both Saturday and Sunday to see them. You continue to be the easiest, sweetest baby. You wore your ear muffs to protect your ears so well. You even fell asleep while wearing them.

You started scooting around/army crawling and you’re are mighty fast at it. You can basically follow your brother around now, which you both are loving. You sit up on your own very well and have started to munch on a few different things. Since you have your bottom two teeth now, it’s unbelievably cute to hear the “crunch, crunch, crunch” of you chewing your teething biscuits.

Great Grandma, Grandpa and cousin Elyse came to visit this month. We took them to our favorite spot! Underwood Family Farms. I can’t wait until you’re walking and I can take you boys there to run around. You guys always seem to have a blast there.

Your Dad and I got to get away for the night with friends to the Bluegrass Festival in LA. You Auntie JuJu and Uncle Thomas came to watch you both and you were an angel for them. No surprise there.

Some of your favorite things are:
– Blowing raspberries on my arm
– Playing with my arm fat
– Apples and spinach
– Pancakes. Duh!
– Your brother and your Daddy
– “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars
– Peek-a-boo

Some of your least favorite things are:
– Carrots and Eggs (Not together. That’s gross).
– Being left alone
– Afternoon naps
– Getting your diaper changed

Honestly, for the most part you are pretty amicable. You don’t have strong dislikes, except for the above listed.

I mentioned that this month was also hard. You were extremely sick this month and teething, I think. You had to miss your cousin JuJu’s birthday party and we were so sad! The sweet part of it though, was that I was able to get a whole 24 hours with just you while Daddy and Teddy went on the pirate ship in Big Bear. We watched Gilmore Girls and wrestled on the floor, while practicing your crawling.

Our biggest adventure of month was camping! We go, every year, with our church to a campsite in Carpenteria. The first time we did it, your brother Teddy was just 4 months old. You, of course, were a champ. The day before the trip I sliced my thumb on a mason jar and needed 5 stitches. Do you know how hard it is to change diapers with a bum thumb? Especially since “getting your diaper changed” is on the dislikes list.

Sickness and all, you continue to be my snuggly, sunshine bear. You LOVE me. No, I mean it. I’m totally your favorite. I’m soaking up every single second.

Love you Bubs,

Teddy | 7 Months

Teddy, you’re 7 months old today! This coming month you’ll get to experience two of my favorite holidays, Christmas and New Years. Last year I enjoyed them so much because you were in my belly and I was so anxious for this year to come and I could hold you. This year I’m so excited to have you here with us! I’m anxious to see how you respond to opening presents on Christmas day, I hope you like what you’ll be getting.

This month, you finally decided that you really like food. You were always willing to try foods but you weren’t much of an eater, now you’re “mmmmm”ing, smacking your lips and drooling whenever food is in sight. We are always having to move everything away from you at the table because you are so eager to get at it.

You’ve mastered crawling, pulling yourself up onto things, transferring, sort of waving, and saying “dada.” I can’t wait to see what next month hold for you!

*        *         *

Wow! This month Teddy is more mobile than ever. He always is on the go. Grandma said, “Now I know why you’re always tired. This kid is crazy!” Teddy is hardly ever content to just be in your arms anymore. He always wants to be crawling around and getting into things. It keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure!

I mentioned that Teddy has mastered crawling, but what’s funny is that he’s such a hefty little guy that he’s not exactly fluid in his execution. He’s very rigid when he puts one leg, one arm, one leg, on arm to move forward. We joking call him Teddy “The Tank” because he’s so slow moving. That doesn’t stop him from demolishing anything in his path.

This month Boone actually started to be nice to Teddy. Not nice enough for me to capture any of the cuteness, but he’s actually kind of taken to him. It’s very sweet.

Teddy had many fun adventures this month, including going to Knott’s Berry farm! Nana and Papa are allowed discount tickets during the month of November since Papa is a Marine so the entire Lopez clan went down to Knotts and tore it up! I had forgotten how fun Knotts can be with all the western scenes and rides. That could have also been because cousin Ju-Ju LOVES “choo-choos”, “yee-haws”, and “bang-bangs”. It is so fun to experience things with kids.

Teddy loved all the rides he went on, including the balloons. He had to sit on his own across from Alex and he did great! It was so cute. I can’t wait to take him again next year when he’s a little older and can try out some of the bigger kid rides, but I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared for when he wants to go on crazy rollercoasters. I’ll just need to pray my way through that.

Teddy really loves music and not just in a dance to it kind of way. He really appreciates it. He looks in wonder whenever he sees someone playing the piano, cello, or guitar. He LOVES beats to music and gets very excited when people sing. It’s so sweet. This past month I showed him Yo-Yo-Ma playing his cello on Mister Rodgers and he was entranced. If he doesn’t end up doing something with music I’ll be surprised.

Teddy also had his first Thanksgiving this month! I wasn’t always a huge fan of Thanksgiving growing up because I don’t like turkey or ham. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve really come to love it. A friend of mine put into words exactly what it is, “I love this holiday more than any other for approximately two reasons. Number one being that you basically do nothing all day besides sit, talk and eat. There are no presents to be purchased, no nothing you need to do besides be. The second reason is, of course, the community.” I LOVE this. It’s exactly why this holiday is so great. We spent the first half of the day with the Thomazins and the second half of the day with the Lopezes. Then we decided to make a weekend of it and see the Cotsenmoyers for Auntie Am’s birthday. Teddy, Ten and Cam love hanging out, when they aren’t fighting over toys, stealing binkies, and scratching each other.

We also were able to finishing unpacking and decorate our house for Christmas! Hooray. I LOVE Christmas and the decorations that come with it. I wish we could leave them up all year; mostly the christmas lights. The glow the give is so cozy and warm.

So, here’s the Holiday season, to you and yours! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!