Teddy’s Firsts | Crawling

We officially have a crawler on our hands! For a few weeks Teddy has been doing this weird kind of army crawl where he drags his legs behind him and uses his arms to pull himself. We say he looks like a zombie because he also makes grunting and gasping noises while he does it. If there were zombie babies on the show “The Walking Dead” he’d be a star.

Teddy hadn’t been showing any signs of getting ready to really crawl except doing the rock-a-rock where he gets up on his hands and knees and just rocks back and forth. I had been trying to get him to crawl from that position but every time he would just belly plop and zombie crawl to his destination.

Last week though, at bible study, Sally plopped him down and he just went for it! We didn’t believe it at first so I grabbed my camera and he did it again! Over and over he kept crawling. We all cheered him on. It’s so sweet to see how everyone just loves this little guy so much. He has so many people rooting for him and loving on him!

Now that he’s had a good week of practice I literally can’t leave the room for a second. He can crawl from the living room to the kitchen in 10 seconds. It’s crazy. I was texting my inlaws saying how there’s no way I can get anything done while he’s awake now and they all said, “Don’t! Just enjoy him.”

I think I will. I love this crazy, crawling, zombie kid.

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