Teddy’s Firsts | Food

We now have a baby on the move and always hungry! About a month ago we started letting Teddy try some of our foods. A few beans here, an avocado there, some chocolate shake. He was really into whatever we gave him to try. We even gave him a lemon and he seemed to enjoy it, after the first shocking taste.

With each new food comes a whole new adventure for this little guy and as a food lover myself, it sure makes me happy that he’s so into food. What has been pretty comical though in this whole food experience is that every time he takes a bite he makes a scrunched face as if he doesn’t like it. Then he’s “mmmmm”ing and opening his mouth for more. But, as soon as you give him another taste he does it again. So hilarious.

Now that we are all moved in we’ve been giving Teddy actual foods to eat. So far he’s had avocado, sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, black beans, and tomatoes. He’s a huge fan of sweet potatoes and squash but he DOES NOT like bananas. It’s absolutely hilarious to me how much he hates them. He gags and shivers whenever I try and feed them to him. I can’t believe such a little person who hasn’t experienced much of anything can have his such strong opinions. I love that he’s not a particularly picky eater though. It makes giving him new foods to try more fun.

It’s been so fun watching him experience new foods. Pretty soon he’ll be eating us out of house and home! He’s definitely a growing boy, that’s for sure and he’s changing more and more everyday.

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