The Food Fight

I know that I said Teddy has really taken to food, but he seems to be uninterested in anything baby food related. He’s not interested in rice cereal, baby oatmeal or even mashed up things like avocado. However, he’ll eat little bits of things from my plate during meal times. He loves eggs, sausage, and even blueberry muffins, beans and rice. I’m always shocked to find that he likes bitter and sour things. He LOVES to chomp on pickles, olives, and even blueberries.

So, today I thought I’d try something different. I warmed up a few blueberries and mashed them up into his baby oatmeal. Hooray! HE LOVED IT! He even ate the entire serving. ┬áHe has never done it before.

Now if only we could find the secret to scheduled nap times, sleeping through the night, and above all, sleeping past 6:00 am.

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