Two Lines

Me: “I’m going to take a bath, or we can go in the jacuzzi if you want to…”
Alex: “Okay…”
Me: “We don’t have to.”
Alex: “Yeah, that’s okay. You can take a bath.”

Nat walks to the bathroom, carrying a candle and her laptop to watch a Rom Com.

Nat: (Thinks to self) “Gosh, it’s still early but maybe…”

Nat walks to the cupboard and takes out a test. An early one.

Nat: (Thinks to self) “This makes sense, right? I am 3 days early… but I’m showing some signs. Ugh, what the heck. We’ve ben trying for 10 months why not take one? At least I’ll know and if it’s negative, I can prepare myself. Okay… here it goes.”

Approximately 4(ish) minutes later…


Nat: (Thinks to self) “TWO LINES! TWO LINES! That’s pregnant, right? I’ve never seen two lines before. What do I do? I had this whole thing planned out on how I was going to tell him. Dinner and that teddy bear I… oh, CRAP. I left it at our old apartment. Well, Jonna is still there… but how do I explain that I need to go get it?”

Nat: “Hey! I forgot something at Jonna’s that I need for subbing tomorrow. I’ll just go run and get it. Do you want frozen yogurt? Okay, bye!”

(Thinks to self) “He doesn’t suspect… right? No. It’s fine.”

Arrives at apartment. Lots of jumping up and down. Grabs bear. Drives back — slowly and carefully.

Nat: (Opens door — shaking) “Hey, don’t be mad. I bought a shirt at Anthro for work and I left it at the apartment.

Alex: “It’s okay. Hey! I found something awesome. Come look.”

Nat: (Thinks to self) “Oh no! Did he find the test?! I threw it in the drawer really quick before I left. Maybe he found it?”

Alex: “It’s that rug we want. But guess what? It’s 75% off, just today…” (Then he says a lot of other stuff that I don’t remember because I’m so nervous!)

Nat: “That’s so cool, Bub. Hey… I’m sorry I forgot to get you frozen yogurt, but I think that what I did get you is better.”

Alex: (Opens up anthro bag. Looks up) “Is this? Bubbie? Is this?”

Nat: (Shakes head “yes” and starts crying).

Alex begins to sob, holding the bear and soaking it with his tears of joy.

We’re speechless. TWO LINES.

P.S. I took another test like 5 seconds later. A real one and it was positive. Not even my first pee of the day or anything (TMI, sorry).


This is happening. Thank you LORD!!

“I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD.” – 1 Samuel 1:27–28

15 thoughts on “Two Lines”

  1. So happy for you guys! It’s so shocking to see two lines after so many single ones. When I saw two lines I thought I had finally gone mad and was losing it :)

  2. Sobslobbersnot! That was CLASSIC! It took me 14 years to get pregnant with Savannah…..I remember taking test after test…I had never had a POSITIVE before….unbelievable <3<3 You'll remember that day FOREVER….

  3. That is just amazing. I can only imagine meatballs reaction. I so wanted to do something cute like that for Simon but literally Alexs shirt said what I was feeling…nervous, excited but Oh Crap. I couldnt hide it. U r a champ. Maybe for our next one

  4. I’m so, so proud of you and Alex for continuing to trust in God’s plan and timing for this next huge milestone in your life, even when every month was so disheartening. You were/are such an example to me friend. Love you and so excited to see you and Alex in action soon :)

  5. I’ve read this about three times now, and I still get super giddy reading it. It brings back those memories of getting our positive tests and all the nervousness that ensues. I had grand plans for telling Steve, too, but as I got the first positive on a morning I was leaving for AZ with my mom (talk about a tough weekend! “Does she suspect? Can she tell? Did she hear me on the phone?”), I just woke him up to show him. He was so sleepy and the line was so faint, he just took my word for it and went back to sleep, lol (He did get more excited when he woke up and could see it for real). The positive test for Stephen was also on a day that I was leaving for a girl’s weekend in AZ with my mom (again with the torture!). His first response was “Is that a negative?” to which I said, “Why would I show you a negative?” Then he said, “No more going to Arizona!” with a big smile on his face. Ha ha ha! Seriously, you are going to be great parents, that is a memory that will last forever, and I am so happy for you. Congratulations!

  6. Wind knocked out of me all over again. Thank you Lord for our baby boy. Thank you for the opportunity to be a father. Thank you Natalee for being an awesome mom, wife and friend. I love you.

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