Baby | 24 Weeks

20130120-164052.jpgLittle Teddy Boy, you are the size of an ear of corn this week — almost a whole foot long. You love your Daddy’s voice when he reads to you at night and you kick/punch me every time I wake up in the middle of the night, which is usually about every three hours. Thanks for the boot camp training, pal.

* * *
This past month has definitely had its ups and downs. I am so happy to be eating normally again and the doctor says I’m gaining weight well, but this second trimester carpal tunnel has been the worst! The past two weeks I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night and Alex has had to massage and ice my wrist for about 30 minutes before I can fall back asleep. But, I’m trying some homeopathic remedies that will hopefully be helping soon!

On the bright side, Alex got to feel Teddy kick about three weeks ago. We were in the movie theater watching Les Miserables, I was eating jalapeƱo nachos and this little guy just started dancing in there. I grabbed Alex’s hand and Teddy have him a giant kick. Alex immediately started crying and wanted me to tell everyone that he wasn’t crying because of the movie.

Last week, my parents took me out to dinner for my birthday and while we were waiting for our waitress Teddy started moving around again. Both my parents leapt up from their seats and grabbed my belly. Teddy then gave my Dad a solid kick. You should have seen his face! He just kept saying, “That’s so cool.” Over and over. My Mom, who was jealous, moved from her seat to sit right next to me and wouldn’t move until Teddy kicked her too. He didn’t disappoint and soon my Mom and I were squealing with glee.

By far the moving and kicking is the best part of this pregnancy! And hey, if you see me, feel free to grab away!! I’m not weird at all about anyone touching my belly.

I’m starting to feel a but heavier now and my back is beginning to hurt, but Alex says I’ve been a trooper.

This past weekend we celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a trip to Portland! We walked everywhere and mastered public transportation. We had a total blast and really enjoyed our babymoon before this little guys makes his appearance in just under 4 months.

We can’t wait!!

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  1. I agree that feeling the baby moving is the best part! So glad you guys had a nice break, and I hope that the aches and pains improve. Have you tried pregnancy yoga or doing some of the stretches used by the Bradley method? Some of the exercises are awkward (to put it nicely, haha!) but really made a difference for me.

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