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Whoa Teddy, there you are! You are moving and punching and kicking and popping out all over the place. I have definitely reached the stage where everyone can tell I’m pregnant and everyone is asking to feel you kick. You are picky though and don’t like to be disturbed during your naps. Can you come out now so we can snuggle?

* * *
Hello third trimester! You are more than welcome to rear your ugly head — I’ve heard you’re a doozy but since I’ve already experienced barfing, insomnia, carpel tunnel, and heartburn I’m pretty sure I can handle your swollen feet and hugeness. Bring it on!

I am both happy and sad to see the second trimester go because I know it means that my pregnancy is coming to an end, but I cannot wait to see our little guy in less than 3 months! I can tell I’m getting more anxious and excited because my dreams are starting to include laboring and holding him as well as cuddles and talks with him. Gosh, I cannot wait to see what he looks like and what his personality will be.

My dreams of labor usually include me looking to Alex for comfort and assurance that everything is going as planned; and while that brings me comfort (since I was always convinced my labor would include me screaming expletives at him) it kind of terrifies him! He keeps telling me that he is going to have no idea what to do and he really wants to have help. So, we are beginning the process of looking for a Doula. I’m excited! I have heard so many great things about laboring with a doula and if any of you in Ventura County have suggestions, please send them our way. Or, Megan Martin if you want to temporarily move to Camarillo it would be greatly appreciated!

These past four weeks have probably been the best in my pregnancy. I was able to figure out a plan to relieve my carpal tunnel, I’m sleeping better at night, and the kids at the school I volunteer for have been so sweet and excited for me. The often ask me how Teddy is doing and love feeling him kick. I’ll be sad to finish up my rotation in March because I’ll miss them very much!

I do, however, feel pretty huge! Where did this belly come from?! I have gained 8 pounds so far, which has me right on track with a pound a week after 20 weeks. I’m hoping to keep this up because that means I will gain around 20 pounds total — though, all I care about is having a healthy baby!

A huge blessing we received was three bags full of clothes from cousin Julian! I’m so excited to get Teddy into these adorable clothes and I cannot wait for my upcoming shower. So much love is being lavished upon this little guy and he’s not even here yet.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers. Here’s to an awesome third trimester!

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